February 6, 2021

Employee Wellbeing Programs

Corporate Challenge Office Bonding Events Auckland NZ

Employee Wellbeing Programs

Never have healthy minds been more important in business. Being with others while outdoors doing exercise forms much of life and makes living far better. Organisations thrive with clear, creative thinking and people who collaborate. That’s kinda difficult with a strung out brain. Combine healthy exercise with being on the water for a workout or wind down that benefits mind and body.

Our activities help define leadership roles within teams, providing creative new ways to approach collaboration.

We’re on a mission for engaging more societies with more nature and more movement. People love what we do, and what we do together is amazing…

Aside from your organisation and the people we work with, there are two main ways of doing business together:

Activities: choosing kayaking for example, starting out with 2hr introductions, a day kayak trip, then an overnight kayak camp, and a final kayak expedition. On the other hand, it can be about diversity; getting a taste of everything and being well-rounded in a bunch of activities.

Locations: sticking to one place and really getting to know it, place-responsive, get a way without going away, adventures around your corner and MoA: More of Auckland.

Choose nature for a unique way to get your team outdoors doing something active together, its what we do, its in our name! Take your staff off-site and involve them in newness and novelties to create a positive work culture. It helps networking, socializing, and getting to know each other better. Socializing and making friends in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the office.
Team bonding activities improve workplace projects and boosting team performance. Learning to understand each other better and work together is vital to team success.

All our engagements allow for motivation and something to look forward to, fun, team spirit and celebration.
Because people have a larger imagination when around people they are comfortable with, we see increases in collaboration and the fostering of innovation and creativity. Successful team building brings people closer together and leads to more successful and creative workplace ideas. More so, communication improves and is the top reason why people choose team building.
Our adventure techniques result in high levels of involvement, insight and finally the opportunity for change and improvement. The activities require participants to focus on using skills such as planning, analysing, organising and communicating.

SNM engage with workers through before and after work training and providing those identified as at risk with case management support that connects them to suitable professional support. SNM Field Workers are trained in nature deficit disorders and have social experience with creating cultures in Building and Construction Industries. This allows them to engage easily with the workers on site.

Health experts recommend employees not work more hours to be productive, rather they take breaks to come back fresh and effective.

Southern Cross NZ say that health and wellness programs contribute to increased productivity and less sick days.

A healthier workforce also results in championing of the company to others a.k.a good role modelling.

We break down barriers of participation, work to your schedule as to not inconvenience anyway or get in the way of work. So if you already know common quiet periods at work or workers needed less at particular times, then these are perfect periods to plan excursions with SNM.

Perhaps we create a walking, running, cycling, kayaking, paddle board, climbing group at lunch time; possibly an extended-lunch break.

“Corporate challenge”

Don’t worry about employees taking time out of work as they will come back more attentive; making up for it!

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