February 6, 2021

The Future of Workplace Wellness

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The future of workplace wellness

The health and wellness industry is expanding rapidly. You can’t walk down the work halls without overhearing conversations about fitness trackers, on-demand workouts, business-sponsored activities and plant-based diets. Everyone is writing about it and reading about it.

There is increasing competition to recruit and retain staff, struggles for being green, sustainable, getting positive media attention etc. So the question will soon be, how deep and innovative you can go as a business. Often this involves collaboration, which together we can pave the way into 21st century employment and work.

As the industry grows, so does its influence on businesses. Making the Deloitte top200 or fast50, cushy pay checks, fancy Christmas parties, expensive conference venues etc. won’t last and is bound for change. Being an authentic ‘employer of choice’ and an ‘exceptional workplace’ means taking care of work-life balances. Doing so improves your organizational reputation, because without our staff we don’t exist. 

Companies are looking into holistic health benefits — of the mind, body, soul and beyond; existential value helping human beings be human with purpose and meaning in their lives.

You will increasingly compete with others to attract talent based on your health and wellness benefits. More organizations are offering employees a wellness menu. As trends continue to accelerate, it’s clear that organizations lacking these offerings could be left behind while others will excel in offering unique benefits. So, get ahead of the curve as a company leader and keep this business wellness trend on your radar in the years ahead!

Some say we’re only as healthy as our communities. Everything we do has a purpose by connecting our events back to your business and creating a positive culture. In creating business cultures, we start learning about your company, team and goals. Whether that’s injecting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component, or simply bringing our fresh and fun ideas to the table – we’ve got you covered.

Get ahead of the curve: the feathers of the status quo need to be ruffled from time to time. You may think you are doing everything correctly, but that is exactly what habits tell you. Let us help you prevent any declining rates of antisocialism, nature deficit disorder and immobility before it is too late and you need to spend more time and money curing it.

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