April 15, 2022

Try Outdoor Team-Building Activities in the Wild

Hikers helping each other on an outdoor team-building adventure

Try Outdoor Team-Building Activities in the Wild

Building a great corporate culture has so many benefits to a workplace and its people. Outdoor team building is growing in popularity as a fun way to get out of the office and explore the natural adventures Auckland has to offer.

Given the average Joe of the office doesn’t climb cliff faces or paddle kilometres of awa (river) every weekend, it’s a great chance to get your team to learn together. Corporate activities are a great way to teach teams how their colleagues tick, breaking down barriers so your company, team, or tribe can step up their game in the office and out of doors. Discover a range of outdoor team-building activities to try.

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A Kayak Journey Down the Mighty Waikato

Go big or go home is the mantra with this 143-kilometre paddle down the mighty Waikato River. Take your team building to the next level with a four-day glide down New Zealands longest river as you go city-to-sea, exploring the region from a perspective not many get to see from the backseats of their SUVs.

Don’t worry, you won’t be sitting down all day. You can stand up paddleboard and sea kayak your way downriver, taking in the rich cultural history and stopping at marae along the way. You’ll get to hear from local iwi and learn about how to build connections with the Whenua (land) and those of us that call it home. It’s an outdoor team-building trip that educates you on history and allows for some serious team bonding time.

Kayak the Waikato River Source to Sea

Inspire Sky-High Goals with Stargazing Tours

Stargazing might not seem like your standard team-building activity, and that could be a good thing. Scouring the night skies never fails to inspire, making it a great way to get your team dreaming about what they can achieve.

Not only will the team bask in the beauty of New Zealand’s nocturnal nature, but they’ll also learn the wonders of the sky and how to protect it for future generations to come. Learn all about the infamous Milky Way and just how lucky Aotearoa is to have an uninterrupted view of its glistening light.

Social Nature Movement’s Dark Sky Stargazing tours even have an 8” Newtonian telescope to see galaxies far, far away. It’s an Auckland adventure primed for the budding Astrophotographer in your team, and for bolstering your trivia team’s astrology knowledge!

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Tackle Stand Up Paddleboarding Together

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP to the professionals) is an alternative outdoor team building activity that allows your team to get into the nooks and crannies of Auckland’s adventure scene. A fun, full-body workout, SUP is a great activity to engage the mind and body as you glide along tranquil waterways.

Explore the estuaries, or meander in the moonlight with Social Nature Movement’s Stand Up Paddleboarding tours. The team can even cater a journey to suit your workplace needs. Whether you’re all beginners, a team of semi-pros or a mix, the professional team will create an itinerary to match—maybe even throwing a bit of live music in for fun!

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Reach New Heights of Trust with a Rock-Climbing Adventure

Hit two birds with one stone by climbing Auckland’s crags and raise your team’s trust to the next level—literally! Cater to all comfort levels by learning the fundamentals of rock climbing, a sport that will test individual strength and their ability to adapt as a team to challenges.

Professional instructors will show you the ropes, before letting you loose on the rock face. You’ll be surprised how quickly your team will rise to the challenge.

Auckland is ripe with climbing potential, from a city scramble to Ti Point. It’s outdoor team building that builds physical and mental health, and is fun, with just a hint of danger!

Beginner Outdoor Rock Climbing Auckland New Zealand

Treat the Team to a Glamping Getaway

Workplaces are a mishmash of personalities, so organising a team-building day to suit everyone can be a little daunting. Glamping is a great in-between to please pretty much everyone! Immerse the team in nature without missing out on the creature comforts of hotel living.

Crank the barbeque, put a few drinks on ice and let the professionals do the rest. It’s a great way to incorporate some R&R into the working year and still get the team well and truly out of the office.

With locations all over Auckland, the experts at Social Nature Movement know the best spot to take your team on your next work escapade.

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Outdoor Adventures Take Team-Building to the Next Level

Nature never fails to inspire. If you’re wanting to take your team up a notch in the goal-setting department, an outdoor team-building adventure is surely the best way to do it. Whether rock-climbing or stargazing, adventures in Auckland are guaranteed to leave memories that tighten team ties.

Learn about nature, about yourselves, and your teammates by challenging, encouraging, and supporting each other in the great outdoors.

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Inspire your team through nature with Social Nature Movement

Social Nature Movement not only has a plethora of cool activities, but it can also cater to specific workplace needs. Got a team of night workers? Try a midnight stargaze or paddleboard. Group of inner-city slickers? No worries, we’ve got adventures everywhere! Get in touch today to book your next team building day out, you won’t be disappointed.

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