January 26, 2024

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award International Hillary Award DofE

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, commonly known as the DofE Award, is a prestigious and globally recognized program that encourages and empowers young people to explore their potential, develop new skills, and engage in community service. In New Zealand, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award operates under various names, including DofE, Duke of Ed, and DofE Award.


Program Structure:

The DofE Award in New Zealand is structured into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level consists of four sections: Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and Adventurous Journey, with an additional Residential Project requirement for the Gold level.


Bronze DoE

Bronze Level:

Participants aged 14 and above can start with the Bronze level.

The Volunteering, Physical, and Skills sections require a minimum commitment of three months each.

The Adventurous Journey involves practice and completing a qualifying journey with a group. Or do the whole package at once.


Silver DoE

Silver Level:

After completing Bronze, participants can progress to the Silver level.

The minimum duration for each section increases to six months.

The Adventurous Journey becomes more challenging, often with a longer duration. Discover the silver practice, qualifying and packages with SNM.


Gold DoE

Gold Level:

The Gold level is the highest and most demanding, suitable for participants aged 16 and above.

The Volunteering, Physical, and Skills sections require a minimum commitment of 12 months each.

The penultimate level with broader and deeper adventurous journey practice, qualifier or packages to suit.

The Gold Award includes a Residential Project, where participants live and work with others on a shared activity.


DoE Training and Planning:

Participants receive training and support from Award Leaders, who guide them through each section. The training helps build the necessary skills for the Adventurous Journey, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the challenges they may encounter in nature-based activities.


Award Level Criteria for DofE:

To achieve each level, participants must meet specific criteria for each section, demonstrating dedication, improvement, and engagement in their chosen activities.


Duke of Ed Award Accessibility:

The DofE Award in New Zealand is accessible to a broad range of young people, irrespective of background or ability. The program is designed to be inclusive and adaptable to individual circumstances.


Social Impacts of the DoE Award:

Engaging in the DofE Award fosters a sense of community and social responsibility. Participants often undertake volunteer work that benefits local communities, contributing to social development and creating positive change.


Online Record Books (ORB):

Participants use online record books to track their progress, record achievements, and submit evidence for each section. These digital tools streamline the process and provide a centralized platform for both participants and Award Leaders.


DoE Adventurous Journeys:

The Adventurous Journey is a key component of the DofE Award, emphasizing human-powered movement and nature-based activities. It encourages participants to explore the outdoors, develop teamwork skills, and overcome challenges in a natural setting.


Gold Residential Projects:

The Gold Residential Project promotes immersive social experiences, requiring participants to live and work together on a shared activity. This component enhances social skills, cultural understanding, and collaboration.


DofE Award Leaders:

Award Leaders play a crucial role in supporting and guiding participants through their DofE journey. They provide mentorship, oversee progress, and ensure that participants meet the program’s requirements.


Duke of Edinburgh Award Providers:

SNM serves as an Award Provider, offering the DoE program to young people. SNM collaborate with Award Leaders to deliver the DofE experience.


International Award for Young People:

The DofE Award is part of the International Award for Young People, a global initiative operating in over 130 countries. This interconnected network provides a sense of belonging to a larger community of young achievers.


Why Choose the DofE Award in New Zealand:

Engaging in the DofE Award in New Zealand offers a unique blend of personal development, outdoor exploration, and community service. The program’s emphasis on human-powered movement aligns with the country’s stunning natural landscapes, providing participants with unforgettable experiences. The DofE Award not only equips young individuals with valuable skills but also instills a sense of responsibility and resilience.


The Value of doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award:

Embarking on the DofE Award journey in New Zealand is a transformative experience that goes beyond acquiring skills. It cultivates a spirit of adventure, a commitment to community, and a deep connection to nature. By participating in this program, individuals not only gain a prestigious international award but also foster personal growth, resilience, and a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors.


In conclusion, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in New Zealand, under various names such as DofE, Duke of Ed, and DofE Award, provides a comprehensive and enriching experience for young people. It combines human-powered movement, nature-based activities, and immersive social experiences to create a holistic and impactful personal development journey.

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