March 21, 2022

Discover Incredible Things to Do in West Auckland and Beyond

Boogie Boarding in West Auckland, New Zealand

Discover Incredible Things to Do in West Auckland and Beyond

If you’re on the hunt for a fun adventure, there’s no place better to go than the ‘wild, wild west’. There’s no shortage of things to do in West Auckland; a single visit to the region will tell you why. From exploring the many west coast beaches with waves—prime for surfing—smashing against the coastline to adventuring through rugged terrain surrounded by native bush, there’s endless fun for every nature lover and their dog to enjoy.

Below, we’ve put together some of our favourite activities to enjoy, including epic kayaking in Auckland, boogie boarding, and more. Read on and let the locals show you around this mysterious—and slightly magical—area of Aotearoa, one journey at a time.

Discover Flowing Lava Trails on Meola Reef

Traverse Auckland’s longest lava flow with the Meola Reef walking trail. It’s 11 kilometres of basalt reef partially hidden by the Waitemata Harbour, fringed by mysterious salt marshes, and holding a rich history.

Get amongst ancient nature and learn about the history of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Immerse yourself in te Reo Māori and the kaupapa of balancing the environment to preserve and protect New Zealand’s natural beauty and ecosystems. Social Nature Movement’s Meola Reef tour guides will tell tales of legends and the Paatupaiarehe (fairy people) of the reef, creating a magical half-day or overnight experience in the heart of Auckland.

Meola Reef Te Tokoroa

Boogie Board Through Scenic Sea Caves

Book a Bethell’s Boogie and experience an epic journey through the planet’s second-longest sea caves. This scenic adventure has rightfully cemented itself as one of the most exciting things to see in Auckland’s coastal regions.

Travel the native land, sand, and sea and become a west coast connoisseur as you learn all about the history of the wild west and Waitakere Volcano—New Zealand’s largest undersea volcano. The four-hour adventure is dictated by the ocean itself. Bookings can only be made seven days prior—making the experience even more exciting!

Bethells Beach Boogie Boarding

Kayak Amongst a Natural Phenomenon – Sea Sparkle

Speaking of glowing, take the chance to become part of one of nature’s most breath-taking scenes as you kayak through naturally glowing, bioluminescent waters. Glide on your kayak through reams of glowing organisms, dip your hands in glittering wakes and watch as fish flow in illuminated waves below your boat.

Social Nature Movement’s Bioluminescent Night Cruising tours offer stunningly mysterious night paddles through waters bright with ‘sea sparkle’, or glow worms of the ocean. Warmer weather welcomes the natural phenomenon, but it’s first-come-first-serve so book your space fast!

Bioluminescent Night Cruising Tours

Glow Worms Galore!

Nestled in the mighty Waitakere ranges are caves hosting a different kind of luminescence—glow worms. For this experience, hike a part of the famous Hillary trail and bathe in fresh waterfalls before setting up camp at Karamatura Heritage Farms.

Then take a torch and trudge through the beautiful native bush before encountering one of nature’s most magical and eery phenomena. Hidden caves in the area are dotted in pinpricks of silver light and home to hundreds of glow worms. It’s an easy and short walk from the campsite but be sure to take a headtorch; there’s no artificial light around here!

Waitomo Cave tours

Explore Natural Wonders in the Wild West

Take your pick of land, sea, or caverns to discover the best things to do in the region. These are but a few of the exciting adventures Auckland’s west coast and beyond have to offer. Go it alone or book a professionally guided tour to make the most of your adventures in rugged and beautiful terrain shaped by nature’s wild ways.

What to do and see in Auckland

Discover the west coast’s historic beauty with Social Nature Movement

Whether you’re traversing land, sea or surf, Social Nature Movement has a guided adventure that will make the most of your time in the west. When there are so many adventures in Auckland and things to do New Zealand-wide, it’s best to leave the planning to the professionals. Book your tours today and discover more of Auckland than you thought possible.

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