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Barracuda Waimak



Barracuda Waimak

Beachcomber and Enigma kayaks are popular choices for beginners and those seeking a faster plastic sea kayak, the Waimak bridges the gap for paddlers seeking the next level of performance.

Designed to be a stable and comfortable intermediate kayak, the Waimak is particularly suited for the endurance demands of the Coast to Coast’s paddling stage. Intended for paddlers with at least one year of river experience or those undertaking their second or third Coast to Coast, the Waimak addresses the need for a lightweight, durable kayak.

One significant advantage of the Waimak is its lightweight plastic construction, eliminating concerns about fiberglass repair bills. It can withstand accidental bumps with rocks and navigate shallow braids with ease, thanks to Barracuda’s proprietary plastic, which is more resilient over braided rocks than fiberglass.

As a racing kayak, the Waimak sheds unnecessary features found in sea kayaks, making it even lighter. Weighing in at 15 to 16 kgs, the vacuum plastic Waimak compares favorably to typical intermediate fiberglass boats.

Incorporating innovative design elements, such as radical curves for enhanced responsiveness in bluff rapids and swift maneuvering in shallow braids, the Waimak reflects outside-the-box thinking. Ensuring comfort during the long race hours, it comes equipped with a standard Bumfortable seat.

Developed over a year, the collaboration between Steve Gurney, Gordon Robinson, and “Think Kayaks Global” has resulted in a kayak that blends their collective expertise into a highly innovative product.


Barracuda Waimak Specifications:

  • Length: 5.6 meters (excluding the rudder)
  • Width: 56cm at the seat and 58cm across the back deck
  • Kayak Weight: 16.5kg
  • Material: Vacuum Thermo-formed plastic (heat resistant to over 160 degrees Celsius)


Barracuda Waimak Features:

  • Bumfortable seat as standard
  • New rudder design, specifically for the kayak – spring-loaded
  • New slimline flush grab bar handles
  • Drain aide channels for easy removal of pooling water
  • Side anti-crush reinforcing to create a protective cage for the paddler’s safety.


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