Barracuda Enigma


Barracuda Enigma



Barracuda Enigma

Sea kayaks have gained increasing popularity in events like the Coast to Coast, prompting Barracuda to create a kayak tailored to the needs of recreational racers. The Enigma proves to be an excellent choice for both training sessions and race days. Even for those not inclined towards racing, the Enigma stands out as the rational selection for fitness-oriented paddlers.

In line with Barracuda’s kayak design philosophy, the Enigma is crafted from vacuum thermo-formed plastic, striking a balance between a reasonably light build and sufficient stiffness for optimal performance.

If your plans involve participating in the Coast to Coast and engaging in extensive sea training, the Enigma becomes a logical and practical choice. In comparison to multisport kayaks, sea kayaks offer a safer alternative for paddling on the open sea. Additionally, the Enigma serves as a versatile sea kayak that can be utilized beyond race events. Building on the trend initiated by the Barracuda Beachcomber, the Enigma, with its 5.2m length, exhibits greater speed in the water due to being longer, slightly narrower, and having less rocker than its predecessor.


Barracuda Enigma Specifications:

  • Weight: 20kg
  • Length: 5.2m
  • Width: 58cm


Barracuda Enigma Features:

  • Paddle holder in front of the cockpit
  • Paddle float rescue attachments
  • Barracuda tip toe rudder system
  • Sealed glove box storage compartment forward of the cockpit
  • Deck bungee
  • Railblaza StarPort for safety flag (flag not included)
  • Carry Handles
  • Bulkheads


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