Barracuda Interface


Barracuda Interface



Barracuda Interface

Crafted as the next iteration in the Barracuda Sea Kayak lineage, the Interface stands out as a responsive and easily maneuverable kayak designed to slice through the water effortlessly, showcasing exceptional performance in following seas.

“Stable and impervious to chop, swift on both calm and moving waters… this gear is your ticket to maintaining a steady pace all day long… responsive and handles rough conditions without a hitch.” – Scott Donaldson, Trans-Tasman Paddler


Barracuda Interface Specifications:

  • Available in Low, Medium & High Volume
  • Length Overall: 5195mm
  • Width Overall: 575mm
  • Depth Overall: 360mm (add 16mm for medium volume & 35mm for high volume)
  • Interface Boat Weight: 20kg


Paddler Weight Ranges:

  • Low volume: 50-70kg
  • Medium volume: 70-85kg
  • High volume: 85-110kg


Hatches & Cockpit:

  • Front hatch opening: 275mm x 200mm
  • Rear Hatch opening: 400mm x 200mm
  • Cockpit opening: 800mm x 415mm



(Based on the medium size)

  • Front storage compartment: 72L
  • Sealed glove box: 15L
  • Cockpit: 170L
  • Rear storage compartment: 96L


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